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Viktor Huliganov

Huliganov Lessons


"Huliganov is a very mysterious and powerful man... and his mystery is exceeded only by his power."

- Chester Greenburg


This set of lessons is brought to you by none other than the infamous Russian businessman, Viktor Huliganov, sometimes reverently referred to as Professor Huliganov or Dr Huliganov. He delivers each lesson with such amusing variety they are worth watching just for the entertainment, but the lesson contents are actually pretty good too.

I'll wager you can't help smiling when you see that grumpy face and listen to that thick Russian accent, especially when he starts to sing a few songs!

Viktor has a strong cult following on YouTube, and deservedly so. We hope you enjoy his videos!


Russian 101 is an introduction to the alphabet and basic Russian words.


Russian 102 comprises a series of lessons on Russian grammar.